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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It didn't start like that.....

I swear - it started out all innocent and harmless. My beautiful d-i-l, left her children (my grandchildren) in the care of their dear Uncle who was thrilled to have a little bonding time with his niece and nephews after being gone for 2 years and missing them desperately. Personal hand-built pizzas were on the agenda and it went really well, except for that little incident when the pizza sauce somehow got slopped all over Miss M's face and hair...oh, and the glob of pizza toppings that slid off the pizza and on to the floor. That's okay, Tank cleaned that up. Ok, and there was that thing with the finger licking and then the spilling and slopping and dropping, but there were no cut fingers and no children were harmed (permanently) in the making of the pizzas. And they were delicious!

But then a certain 12 year-old got his hands on the new Air Soft Guns and sort of shot a 'bullet' right into the backside of a certain Uncle. haha....that's when it got real fun and interesting.

Yep, that's the Uncle holding down the nephew with his knee while he empties the whole round on him. I promise, they're both laughing hysterically.

But now, the nephew is plotting his revenge on the uncle.

Complete and utter mayhem ensued while the 3 'boys' hunted each other throughout the house.  Three floors of hiding places. They used closets, doorways, the kitchen counter, blankets and pillows, anywhere you could sort of hide, but the living room was the designated safe zone for reloading so no shooting of guns in there. Good rule because that's where B, Miss M and I were...along with the dog and 2 cats who wisely decided that the space under the table was the safest spot in the house. Yep, we hung out in the living room and behaved ourselves. Not one bit of misbehaving from the three of us, no sirree!

I swear, the boys did not do this to her. She did it to herself. Um, maybe there was a little help from B and I. hehehe

Just so you know, if d-I-l were there she would have joined in the mayhem too. She really would have.

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