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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Monday, August 25, 2008

On turning 5

When you're the perfect grandmother (which I am, of course!) you have to listen to the babes to come up with the perfect gift. This is especially true when you prefer handmade over store bought toys.
My grandson currently wants to be a policeman when he grows up and what 5 y/o doesn't?
I found the material for the pillow in the clearance bin for $1/yard and you know I couldn't pass it up.

This was tough to make. I had to create the hat myself after scouring the internet and not being able to find a pattern. I 'borrowed' Sir S's toy emblem 2 weeks ago. The visor material was left over scraps from having made chaps for F.Y.S. when he was 12 and very into WWF. I used my new bias tape maker for the trim on the visor. I didn't even know this clever gadget existed until reading Amanda's blog and I've been sewing for 35 years. The hat wasn't easy, but it turned out great. He loves it!

Oh, and this is me being all smug over my creation.

I so copied this card from here. How could I not when it was so perfect? The inside says, "This is your first warning to 'police' have a great day." Corny, I know, but he's 5 and doesn't care.

This picture cracks me up. My grandson has his hat pulled down so far his ears stick out and yet his cousin, behind him, has his ears tucked inside his hat. hehe I guess they figure it out themselves. Happy birthday, Sir S. I love you.

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  1. What a good grandmother you are. Spencer sure is a cutie pie!