To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skillet Baked Pork Chops and Sweet Potatoes

I'm not sure where I got this recipe or if it's been modified, I just know it's delicious, and crazy easy, and suits me just fine since I can't seem to stay out of the kitchen lately.

Skillet Baked Pork Chops and Sweet Potatoes

1 T oil
2 pork chops
1 large sweet potato, cubed
1 small onion, sliced into rings
1/4 c fruit juice, apple or orange though I used an orange/mango blend
1 small apple, chopped
3 T maple syrup
3 T raisins
1/4 t cinnamon
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour oil into cast iron skillet and brown chops on both sides on the stove. Remove chops from pan and set aside for a bit. Add sweet potato and onion; cook just until the onion starts to soften; add juice and bring to a boil. Add apple, syrup, raisins, cinnamon, and salt and pepper to taste. Place chops on top of potato mixture, cover with foil and bake in oven for 30-40 minutes, until chops are finished cooking.



  1. Mmmm...I am going to have to pick up some chops from Lubbers and make some...glad to see you posting again...Thought of you today when Tony told me they had their choice of cross country skiing or snowshoeing for gym...LOVE Blandford School...

    1. Hi Rhonda! I've been hiking at Blandford lately instead of Aman Park. I'm not sure why I didn't realize it was so close to my house, but I think it has to do with going a different way to Aman. I passed Blandford and had one of those, "duh, slap yourself in the forehead moments", and then turned the car around to go hike the trails.