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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

May I please have a word with you?

I love books, love how easy it is to learn anything your heart desires, love the different writing styles, love how I can get lost in stories, and I really love going on little adventures with some of the characters. My morning was spent perusing the bookshelves of my local library with the plan of picking up just the book on Orienteering. I have my night navigation test coming up in a couple weeks and it's a tough, tough course. 50% failure rate, and I just wanted a little extra boost to see what I should know that maybe I don't yet. Kjellstrom is highly recommended on the subject and since he introduced the sport of Orienteering to the U.S., I didn't think I could go wrong with his book.

Then, I glanced through the shelves above and below and found The Happy Camper by Kevin Callan. If you know Kevin then you know he is a very funny guy. I've been to seminars at which he was the guest speaker and he had the room rolling with laughter 5 minutes into his presentation. Very funny guy. That book sort of jumped in my arms. Then I found the book Up about a woman who hikes to the New Hampshire high points with her 5 y/o daughter. That sounded interesting after taking my 8 y/o grandson backpacking last year so I put that in my stack as well. And then, a little further along on the shelves was the book In Beauty May She Walk, which is about a 60 y/o woman through-hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Huh, another woman with Sisu. Gotta read that one too.

Just for kicks I wandered a few rows down and ran across the upholstery book, which has good basics for upholstery like how to measure and which handy tools to use to make the job easier. Who do you think just might have a couple of antique chair frames in the cellar that just might need to be reupholstered? Ahem...into the stack as well.
Let's not get started on how happy the building itself makes me. It's so pretty!
Do you see the images of three women in the marble at the top of the stairs?
 Next time I'll take pictures of the outside architecture. Wow!

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