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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Other things

I have been doing other things besides hiking even though it doesn't appear so. I finished the back landing in my house; ha, that was an adventure...not! It all started when painting the walls moved to the top of my To Do list. So, before I could paint the walls I needed to wash them and as I washed them I realized the paint was rubbing right off. Hmmm, guess I better the get the scraper out and get some of this weird paint off. While I was doing that I thought, hey, why not paint the trim as well, and if I'm going to paint the trim I might as well refinish the floor and hey again, before you know it, I had the walls scraped down to bare plaster, all the trim had been ripped out and the floor was stripped down to the bare wood. Really !?!. It was supposed to be an hour job (not three years)...two hours at most! Never buy an old house unless you want every project to turn out like that. It's never as simple as just painting a wall...Ever! I don't mind, I really don't, but just once I want to do a tiny project on my house and have it stay tiny. Please?

See, and that's not even what I meant to write about, but that's how things go for me. What I meant to show you was some of the other fun things I've been working on when I'm not ripping trim out of my house or traipsing through the woods. Things that require my left brain, and are much more soothing to me. I think art and crafting and sewing are soothing because I'm starting with a blank slate and building up the creativity as opposed to home improvement projects and having to undo someone else's work before I can do my own. I always feel I have to first bring the house back to a blank slate first, if that makes sense. Anyway, I've been having fun no matter what I'm doing.
I've been messing around with layering for my journals.
And playing with scrapbooks for the Littles.
I've been trying my hand at Altered Art.
Practicing book binding so I can make my own journals. This is so stinkin' easy! I see no reason to ever buy a ready made journal again.
Ahhh, and I've been Soul Journaling. Yes, yes, I know, Soul Journaling was originally posted in 2008, but I'm a little slow to the party. Doesn't matter. I'm doing this with my sister and we're having a grand ole time with it. And it keeps me in my journals and playing with different media. That's a really good thing.

Now, how about that bike ride?

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