To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh My Heavenly Goodness!

You know what happens when I'm left alone on a cool drizzly weekend? I end up at the farmers market where suddenly my car is full of delicious treasure and my wallet is empty, like, not one single dollar left. It was time to go home. What heavenly goodness. It certainly filled up my weekend.

1/2 bushel Bartlett Pears - canned. A&P already took 3 quarts and I think Kyle has spoken for 6 pints. Perhaps I should have bought a full bushel?
4 lbs Big Boy Tomatoes - roasted and frozen for Carrot-Tomato Soup this winter. On a side note, I've already got broccoli and asparagus frozen for making this soup over the winter.

Patty Pan Squash - roasted and frozen (okay, some were eaten as soon as they came out of the oven)

Red and Green Peppers - roasted, some were frozen
There was lots of chopping and dicing and slicing while I made Orzo, Feta and Tomato Salad; Tuscan Bread Salad; and Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Garlic. I ate extremely well for the next few days.
Eggplant - sliced, roasted and frozen. Chicken Parmigiana?

Buttercup and Butternut squash - both are stored in the cellar awaiting another cool rainy day, which is always perfect for baking and comfort food

Garlic - lots of it, now stored in the cellar

Nectarines - Most of these were sliced and frozen for smoothies, but I did eat one while emitting euphoric 'mmm-ing' noises because really, is there anything more delicious than fresh ripe nectarines? 

Asian Pears - eaten! These were a complete surprise to find at the market as I've only eaten them in Taiwan with you. Sweet, juicy with a crunch, delicious! I've missed these.
I did some baking. Berry and Buttermilk Cake. Wisely frozen after eating a couple of pieces.
And because I found spelt flour from one of my favorite vendors, I baked a batch of Carrot-Spelt Muffins from Good to the Grain. These are not diet food by any means, but they are the moistest, bestest tasting carrot muffins the history of the entire world even. That's how good they are. Egads. These too, ended up in the freezer. I think I'm less apt to eat the whole plate if they're frozen.
It feels good to have fresh food put up and stored again. I feel so smug and self-sufficient. These muffins are going to be scrumptious with a cup of hot Taiwan tea while watching the snow flutter down soon. know I'll be thinking of you.


  1. WOW you've been busy. I bought 1/2 a bushel of pears from Wells Orchard that I got last weekend while I was out at Lubbers for milk pick up and tomorrow I am back at Lubbers for the canning class and will put them up after. Also, just filled my "cash budget pouch" from Beauty that Moves and will plan on handing it over to the farmers market in the morning. Thank you for the inpiration. Take care and enjoy all your wonderful food;)

    Rhonda in GR

  2. Rhonda - I really wanted to go to the cheese making class, but life got in the way. Did you go? Perhaps I can catch the class next year. Must purchase a milk share before they run out for next year.

  3. No that is one I didn't get to, but as you said maybe next year. I know Karen was on WZZM a couple of weeks ago showing how to make yoghurt and mentioned that the there was a waiting list for the milk shares, make sure to sign you up..just had a glass...mmmm;)