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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's baaaack!

Words can not describe what is happening in this city...again. ArtPrize happened last year and though I only wrote about it briefly, I was there all the time. I plan to be there as much as I can this year too. The weather was wonderful on Tuesday so we rode bikes downtown thinking we could get a sneak peak at some of the art already on display. Ha, downtown was already filled with people doing the same thing. Nearly 2000 pieces of art from artists all over the world on display throughout the city until October 10. I am in awe... 
None of this is real. It's a small portion of a larger sculpture, but will you look at the detail in the hands?
Each piece of pottery is fired individually and threaded onto a metal cable.
The more I looked at this one the more I found. Every angle gave a different perspective of what it could be.
This is just clever...and thought provoking.
This full size lion is made entirely of nails. You know what else is cool? A lot of these sculptures are made to be touched. Some of the art is 'hands off', but there is an abundance that you can touch and interact with.
More nails and also full size.
Ooooh, you should see him in real life. Very large indeed.
A giant aerie. Watch out for the eagle!
This panel and the next one go together as one is the front and the other is the backside. I kept going round and round this and realized that you can clearly see the bottle and two glasses from this side...
but this side shows the table clearly and not so much of the glasses and bottle. How did they do that??
Excuse the noise in this one. I just wanted you to know that it's Tuesday night and downtown is hopping! How cool is that?

I'm gonna have so much fun in the next few weeks. Oh my...

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  1. I am so excited to go down there tomorrow :o) ArtPrize is brilliant.