To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

(Rubbing my hands together with glee!)

I finally woke up to snow on Friday morning. Brent and I took my grandson to the symphony Thursday evening and I mentioned somewhat expectantly that I love it when it snows after a Christmas concert. Hey, it happens frequently for me so I didn't think it was too much to expect it to happen again. I had also been feeling a tiny bit envious of those of you who had already received a good snowfall and I was being patient, but seriously, it's December and I wanted snow. Well, wadda ya was snowing when we walked out of the concert.

I thought my morning view was beautiful.

This was so worth the wait.

So, what did snow mean to an outdoorsy, nature loving girl like me? It meant a snowy walk in the woods Saturday afternoon, that's what it meant.

Aman Park is close to home and has great hiking trails that wind along Sand Creek. It was a little late for taking pictures, but the walk was beautiful and the snow was really crunchy. We purposely went out late so we could be hiking in the dark.

Then, we did this on Sunday. There is nothing like winter paddling. The rivers have little or no traffic, it's quiet and beautiful, and you feel like you own the world. And, to answer your questions, no, we don't get cold. At least not any colder than someone who's gone skiing because you dress for the weather and you do NOT fall in the water. Not to worry though, I carry a dry bag with extra clothes....just in case. Okay, okay, yes, I've rolled my kayak (twice) in the winter and it was really, really freakin' cold! Okay? Now you know. Furthermore, I sold the boat that made me swim because it just wasn't working for the sort of paddling I was doing and I bought this pretty little thing this past summer.

This is her first time in the snow. She didn't mind at all. In fact, I think she rather enjoyed the snowy day and she certainly behaved well since I didn't do any swimming - not even close.

Look, I'm sitting on the ice right now.

And how nice of them to light up the river just for me!

We've got 'the blizzard' blowing in now. Perhaps I'll take another walk tonight when the weather is absolutely frightful. Won't that be fun?


  1. brrrrrr.
    and tea will always remind me half of my grandma and half of alex from now on :P

  2. awesome. that is all i have to say. no, wait. envy. that, too!