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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hemlock Crossing

Where did this gem come from? And why am I only just discovering it? K asked if Sir S and I wanted to go hiking with her and Dunnie...I hardly had to ask the boy. He loves the woods and he misses his own dog. "Yes," was the word.

The trail wends you along the Pigeon River bottomland and around through the uplands. "A pedestrian bridge and numerous overlooks offer scenic views of the river corridor, wetlands, natural springs and woods."  Indeed!

Beautiful, well marked trails with lots of markers and maps. You will not get lost in here. The trails are relatively easy yet provide you with a fair amount of up and down though the hills so you don't get bored, but it's nothing too strenuous. The park wasn't busy and we found plenty of solitude for watching critters and birds, and the antics of a boy and a dog.
Sir S is fascinated with streams and wetlands and it wasn't long before he was hanging over the edge of the boardwalk playing in the stream flowing under the bridge. And then, of course, the dog had to get down there in the muck to see what the boy found so interesting. Boys...and dogs....I tell ya!
That's a good sized Beech, as were many in this park. Isn't it interesting how the Beeches have such character? They watch you with their eyes, they hide images in their bark and they provide the smoothest bark for leaving your mark. We didn't do that, but you can see that many people can't resist the smooth surface.
K turned Sir S loose with Dunnie. The idea was that the dog and the boy would wear each other out running through the woods, and run they did, until the dog needed a break. We forgot to tell the two of them that we were going for miles today...nearly 7, in fact. Run, boys, run!
It's funny because Dunnie took a long nap when he got home, but Sir S went to the park to join in a pick-up game of basketball. Guess I need 2 dogs to wear him out.

Anyone want to go explore the rest of the trails?

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