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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Monday, March 26, 2012


The weather held, with it's delightful and unseasonable warmth, the woods called and I responded by donning hiking boots and a backpack. Of course I was drawn to nature, and I ventured forth with extra crew both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a slow walk in the woods with a girlfriend, my daughter-in-law and three young children as we meandered along the paths exploring more of what was to be found in the woods and along the streams rather than covering distance. The children played in the woods, climbed trees, stopped for sketching, ate snacks and investigated the Spring blooms. The women gloried in the moment. I took many, many pictures.

I'm focusing on the people today and I'll post more of our adventures during the week, but there are far too many pictures for one post.

We hiked Aman Park again. It's conveniently close to town, yet the children feel like they're in a far-off  forest. I love how they seem to become more alive in the woods and revel in their freedom.

This boy would hike with me constantly if he could.
A backpack holding the necessities of the woods. He packs it himself now with whatever seems appropriate for the day but always includes a sketchpad and pencils.
Binoculars for bird watching, which were very necessary today.
They stop on their own each time they discover something of interest that needs to be drawn.
Now here's an interesting tree, which is actually three trees all growing together, Beech, Shag-bark Hickory and Maple. That warranted a stream of questions and a discussion about how this could happen.
And really, it was the perfect tree for climbing. You're in the woods, how can you not?
Ha, and we're not above a bit of humor.
Graffiti artists at work. Does it count if they used pencils and the shack is about to fall down anyway?
Practicing balance and pushing against boundaries.

Did I mention the freedom they feel out here?

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