To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tears were nearly spilled.

Oh, my goodness. My son is pretty particular about his daughter and how quickly, or not, she is allowed to grow up. Mind you, Miss M is only 5 but he's already told her in no uncertain terms that she will NOT be dating. And in his mind, he means it. Miss M may have different ideas and although she's pretty outspoken with daddy (and the rest of us), she's still his little girl and is eager to please him. He has not wanted her to get a haircut. He likes her hair long and insists that her hair is a part of her and does not need to be altered. Daddy has insisted and Miss M has willingly gone along with this. Haha...until this weekend when it was three ladies ganging up on daddy. I started it (bad grandma), momma chimed right in and then Miss M instantly climbed on the bandwagon. Daddy conceded the loss and suddenly, Miss M was getting a haircut. Oh my...
This is where she started. It's curly so hard to tell, but if you straighten those curls her hair comes nearly to her waist. That's a lot of hair to be taken care of and she can't do it herself.
Here we are negotiating the length. Daddy is about to get bamboozled by a very wise momma who knows her husband well. Momma's hand is on the left and she chose her length first. Daddy's hand is on the right making sure we don't take quite that much off. After the first cut, momma looked at daddy and said, "that's where I wanted it anyway." Daddy has clearly been bamboozled. Momma's also wise because she knows to take baby steps with daddy where Miss M is concerned and knew she should only take a little bit off. Well, except for that part where she said, "oops, cut it crooked," and had to trim it up a little more. She's smart, I tell you.
Here goes...
Daddy's clearly not liking this. He picked up this curl, which you can barely see in his hand, and said, "two minutes ago, this was a part of her and now it's not. Can we glue it back on?" I laughed and said it was just like cutting her fingernails, but then momma laughed. She said daddy never liked her to cut Miss M's fingernails when she was a baby either, for the same reason. Really? I did not know this about my son.
Oh my...all done. But wait, doesn't she look suddenly grown up? That's not what we wanted, not one little bit. She was only supposed to get her hair cut, not look so much older. Um, can we glue it back on?


  1. Replace her Tinkerbell shirt with a plain one, and you've got yourself a mini adult! I feel old.

  2. What a sweetheart. She looks wonderful!
    It goes so fast. Don't tell your son, but personally, I never expected the huge shift towards big girl that came between 5 and 6.(6 is still so little darn it, especially for my girl who herself would prefer to be little! Still...the shift is there and there is no growing (I mean going!) back.

  3. Oh, I really like that line, "no growing back." Must tell that one to my son.

  4. i like her hair long. i have the same thinking as oldest son. i'm in the same fight sometimes. -K