To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Walk in the Woods

I spent the weekend with two Littles, two dogs and two cats whilst the parent's were away. Whew...I am soooo not used to that anymore. ~grins~ It's one thing to have them stay with me in my home because they're in my element, but staying with them, in their home? Oh my, it's a whole different game. By Saturday afternoon, I was ready to pull out my trusty, no-fail secret weapon. Ahhh, the woods. We (meaning me) were ready for some serious outdoor adventuring because there is nothing like a little trailblazing to take the edge off excess energy. Let's go!
This boy would spend his life in the woods if he were allowed. There is nothing he doesn't like about being outside, in the woods, preferably on an adventure.
For as girlie-girl as this one can be, she holds her own out here too. She's one tough Chick-a-bee and thinks this is a grand ole time. She's right, you know.
Trail blazing is a must when you find snow this deep. Oh, there are trails here, but it's always more fun to blaze your own path. Besides, the rabbit holes, fairy rings and animal tracks aren't on the trail. They're off to the sides so that's where we must go. We did have to talk about being aware of holes that one might tumble in to and where the trail ended and the edge of the lake began. From all the holes in the ice close to shore, it appears some people weren't aware this is a spring fed lake and therefore, thin ice. The littles took note and stayed back.
"I think we have to go this way, but I also think we're lost," said she. I pointed out that the trail we were following went along the edge of the lake and as long as we stayed close to the lake, we wouldn't get lost. The world seems so big when you're so small.
He always finds a hiking stick when we're in the woods. Smart boy. It comes in handy for getting through deep snow, climbing over fallen logs, giving a boost onto various benches and testing how deep holes are.
You really meet all kinds in the woods, seriously. A x-country skier actually suggested she should walk the whole trail (2 miles) in snow this know, so we didn't wreck the trail for skiers. We politely suggested that he should go find a designated ski trail and stay off the hiking know, if that was an issue. I was a bit incredulous over his request. I wouldn't have taken them hiking on a designated ski trail. Note to the littles, don't be like that guy in the woods.
I think the fresh air and the hike are working. He's looking calm, serene...
She's tired. We made it nearly to the end of the hike before she asked if we were almost there yet. Yes, darling, nearly there.

See, it's a trusty, no-fail secret every time.


  1. From the looks of those rosey cheeks, it was a WONDERFUL day...

  2. Ha, Rhonda beat me to it. I like how their faces get progressively redder as the trip went on!

    -Son In Absentia (I guess I should clarify that I'm the younger of the two.)

  3. Oh my goodness, those are two beautiful kiddos. Love how they are so colorful against the woods in the background.