To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was pretty proud of myself.

I was, truly. See, I've been playing around with paper folding and found a simple tutorial online for a folded heart in which I could write a message inside and then mail it to F.M.S. in Taiwan. I thought I was being very clever writing the note inside. I thought I was pretty good at what I made. Don't you think it was clever and good?
I thought so too, and I loved the stamped heart image on the outside. Really, I was feeling quite proud of myself and maybe a little bit smug. Mm hmm, until I got home last night and found a package waiting for me. Upon opening it, I found this...
Oh my... The package was from the lovely Megan who spent time in Taiwan working in the same school as F.M.S. and I stalkerishly followed her every move through her blog. She's a darling.

These pieces came from Mrs. Kuo who creates folded paper masterpieces out of recycled boxes. Now when I compare my heart with what Mrs. Kuo made, well, it's sort of like comparing a 2 year-olds writing with someone fluent in Spencerian Script. ~grins~ Now don't get me wrong. I love what I made for F.M.S., and I'm sure he'll will be happy with it (he'll at least humor me), but Mrs. Kuo's work shows me I have a lot of practicing to do before I can truly get to the smug part of paper folding. Not to worry, I don't feel the least bit bad about it. I laughed when I held the little teapot up next to my heart. And here I was thinking I was all that...ah, yes, it's good to laugh at oneself. Now where's that tutorial on how to fold paper like a rock star?


  1. aww! i love this post :) i knew they'd be happy at your house.

  2. Mom, don't you think you should wait to post pictures of things until after I've already received them?


  3. Hiya over there in the snow *waves* I'm still here, only half buried by boxes haha:) Copy message to all my blog friends:-But bad news - I'm locked out of magicalmeadows by Blogger because I messed up my passwords. If I can't rectify it today looks like I'll have to start up a new blog *sigh* right when I'm at my busiest. In the meantime you can email me if needs be on
    Have loved ALL your posts and photos lately, Cooper's Hawk, snowy trail walks and all!!!
    love Pamela xxx

  4. LOL. Sorry, that gave me a good laugh. I think yours is quite pretty, but I can see how that might give a chuckle!