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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, really?

This is another declutter post. You don't get to see everything I declutter because there's just too much going out too quickly and I don't take the time to photograph all of it. However, this bit is about candles. I love candles - really love them. In the past, if I saw a good deal on candles I would buy a whole box because, hey, I love candles. But now, I'm pretty particular about the candles I burn so what was I supposed to do with this whole drawer full I was holding on to? I kept telling myself that I love candles so I would get around to burning them....eventually. Except that this drawer was filled up shortly after moving into my house in 2003 and I haven't burned any of them. I also had 2 full baskets and other miscellaneous candles taking up an entire shelf in the linen closet. That's where I kept the candles I burned the most. So, I emptied out the drawer and the linen closet so I could see eveything I had. I put the candle holders out there too. See?
You know what I found? Boxes and boxes of tapers...but I don't burn tapers. Used to, about 3 houses ago, but I haven't burned one since I moved here. This should be an easy declutter.

There is a candle in there that drips in multi-colors and I bought it for camping because I thought it would be cool to watch how it covers a bottle. The problem is that candle has been in this drawer so I never remembered to take it camping with me. Well, now it's moved to the camping tote. Those boxes of tapers? Yeah, those are double layers, at least, Straight to the Goodwill bin. Sorry, I know I spent good money on them, but I'm never going to burn them. Those pillars in the background? I had a few more, but they never burned well so why am I keeping these? There's also a zip-lock bag sitting there with leftover wax pieces from burned candles, you know, for when I make my own. Hmph! Like that's gonna happen any time soon.

This really was easy. This is what I'm left with.
Yep, once I finished I only had this little basket left of candles and holders. Okay, I also have a jar that holds my tealights, but I burn the heck out of those too. I have one jar candle on my kitchen table, one on my dresser and a pillar on the coffee table. Each of those are burned nearly every day, but otherwise, this little basket is all that's left. I now have an empty drawer, an empty basket and an empty shelf in the linen closet. How cool is that?

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  1.'ve been a busy girl! I've wanted to post SEVERAL times (loved your sewing class), but new rules at work prohibit me and then when I get home, there is little time with my guy. Take care.