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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My happiness

When I went house hunting in 2003 I had a short list of items that my house absolutely had to include - arched doorways, hardwood floors, a fireplace, a full room upstairs and room in the yard for flower gardens - or I wouldn't buy it. To this day, I adore my house. I love that this view is what greets me when I walk into the kitchen.

These make me happy now too. I went to an estate sale around the corner from my house at 10 minutes to close on the final day. $12.50 for service for 8? (She scores!) There are 4 different sizes of plates, 4 sizes of bowls, coffee cups, a serving platter, vegetable bowl, a divided bowl and creamer and sugar. I know you're jealous. I would be too if I weren't me.

This little charmer sits on the window sill over my sink. I snicked him from Keith's dad's back porch, but only because I was rescuing him from certain doom. He makes me smile when I work at the sink.

This is dumb, but this darned duck makes me happy too. Her name is Dolores Honeybump Wetpants and she's so tame right now that she tries to jump in the window if we don't feed her quick enough. You can see she eats out of our hands. We can pet her and she sort of talks to us (mostly in her very loud bossy voice). She hangs around the pond where I work.

This is enough to make anyone happy. A surprise flat of flowers outside my back door when I came home. Stumped me for a bit until I realized my back door was open. Ahhh, must be from F.Y.S. Sure enough, they were. He certainly knows how to make mom happy.

This is what I call my walking lily because every year it moves to a different spot in the garden bed. I think a mole is shoving it out of the way, but I can't be sure. It's a treat to see where it will show up next.

Love. Love. Love this heart sculpture. F.M.S. saw it and said, "you really like your rocks, don't you mom?" He supposed that's where he gets his love of rocks. I suppose so.

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