To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For me??

I got a package...

from Taiwan no less! Oh, I'm so excited. What could it be? It says books, that would be Alex shipping some home. (That's some good timing honey because I've read so many of those you left at the house that I'm nearly down to things like Macro Economics. Does that sound like good reading before I sleep?)

Fabric. Fabric?? Wha...really? You sent fabric?

Cookies....that can only mean one kind. Yippee! Let's just open this and see what's in here.

Oh, way to melt a mom's heart. I love how you drew us inside the shapes of Michigan and Taiwan. Yes, it made me all teary eyed and I hugged it. (I also hugged and cried over War and Peace because I knew your hands* carried it all over Cambodia just a few short months ago.)
*See previous post on missing you.

Gasp You did send fabric. You, are a wonderful son because I know how much you loathe fabric stores and I'm sure it doesn't make them better if they're at outdoor markets. But you sent some home....these are beautiful! I'm thinking on the silky fabrics, but I already know the one on the right will be perfect as a liner on a tote bag, and perhaps a few drawstring bags as well. I think I have an idea for the one on the left too. Oh my.....

ooooh, treat, treat! I loved this cereal when I visited Taiwan, so much so that I brought a bag home with me. *grins* Extra yummy. I laughed because the bag says "Creamy Cereal Beverage", it's not a beverage. It's just delicious. (Update - this is NOT the cereal we ate all over Taiwan. It is a breakfast beverage.)

Those cookies? We carried them everywhere with us when we were traveling and they're the best for dunking in your tea. I've missed them.

Ok, this is really Laura's teacup that I brought her from Taiwan, but I wanted to show you that we wasted no time in breaking open the cookies to have with our tea. Mmmmm, it nearly takes me back.

What a fabulous package to get in the mail. Thank you, honey. Readers, don't I have the best son?


  1. alex really is one of the most thoughtful people out there, isn't he? the other day he called me to thank me for a stamp i had made for him and to admit that stamps are awesome. he's going to have some made for his kids.

  2. Wow - what a lucky Mom you are! He really is a wonderful son! :)

  3. i haven't mentioned it on my blog yet because my grandparents aren't very happy at all about it, but i'm going to stay until march :X
    i thought about leaving and i'm just not ready yet!

  4. such a sweet package to send! I am currently in an reverse scenario. My oldest son is in Michigan, and I'm in Arizona. I know, a far cry from Cambodia, but since he's only 12, it may as well be. We moved to Arizona this winter, mid school year, and Caleb, with all his extra-curricular activities and good grades, opted to finish the school year with my parents. It was a hard deision, but well thought out. My heart breaks every day, but I go to pick him up in a few short weeks! Don't know what I'm going to do when he grows up and moves out!