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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harbingers of Spring....

I caught a glimpse of this last night as I was walking from the garage to the house. It made me take a step backwards to peak around the house. You know, to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.

I did. With the daffodils that far along I was afraid it was time to give up any last hope of keeping winter around. That is, until I woke up this morning, and what did I see? Snow, coming down sideways from all the wind. It is only March, after all. No point in giving in to Spring too quickly.

I've had a vegetarian cookbook for a few years that hasn't seen any use and I was going to toss it in the Goodwill box, but I thought I should at least try some recipes before I gave up on it. I've tried three recipes these past two weeks. One I quickly crossed out because it was terribly blah and I have no desire to tweak it. The other two recipes have been outstanding! This is what turned into dinner last night.

This is a delicious papaya salsa. Oh, man! I could eat this by itself. Bet it's good on fish too.

These little pretties were the makings of veggie fajitas. Geez, I had no idea that making my own vegetarian dishes could be so tasty.

Update: I was wondering what would happen if I posted the recipe since I don't have the publishers blessing so I searched the internet and found this link. Here are the changes I made:
- eliminate cilantro since I don't care for it so much
- increase green chili peppers to 2 t.
- substitute sweet potato for red potato
- again, eliminate cilantro
- regular cheese instead of lowfat
- regular sour cream instead of lowfat
As you can tell, I'm not real worried about fat in my food.

Updated - I no longer eliminate the cilantro because I seem to have developed quite a taste for it and it really makes the dish stand out, I substitute plain yogurt for the sour cream.

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  1. tess and i agreed the other day that low fat stuff is disgusting. i'd rather eat the real thing any day.