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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Monday, June 20, 2011

He's like that.

He loves strawberries, almost as much as he loves watermelon and that's saying a lot. A few weeks ago when he went with me to pick up vegetable plants for the garden, he practically begged me to buy strawberry plants. I told him my garden isn't set up for a berry patch because they need lots of space. He thought he could take them home instead, but his yard isn't set up for a berry patch either. We compromised. I said I would take him berry picking with me this year instead. Can we say, excited?? Well, strawberry season is upon us and since we had to be to the berry patch early in the morning, he might as well spend the night with me. You like how I worked it so I could have a Little with me?

Friday night we went for a bike ride. We meant to go for a long ride, but I noticed he wasn't coasting and upon further inspection, I realized his brake was always rubbing on the tire so the poor little guy was pedaling twice as hard as he should have. We stopped to rest, he needed a breather, but we were devoured by mosquitos. Sorry darlin', I know you're tired, but you have to keep moving. We made it just over 5 miles by the time we finished and he didn't quit. He's like that.
We'll wait til the bike is fixed and try this again, but next time we'll bring bug spray too.

Both of us were hot after the ride and since it's summer, and since the night was still young -- we stopped for ice cream, unintentionally big ice cream.
Hmmm, must burn off the sugar. I know, let's go for a couple mile walk to get a movie!

 I have to laugh because he was crazy excited about the walk. He's like that.

And he talked all the way there and all the way back. He's like that too.

We were up late watching the movie and I reminded him that we had an early morning if we were going to pick berries. "That's okay," said he, "you just call me and I'll get right up." And he did. He's like that.

I picked most of the berries we brought home. He ate most of the berries he picked -- and he talked, to me, to the people running the berry patch and to the other patrons who were picking near us. I did say he loved strawberries. Did I mention how much he loves conversation?
I could hear him in the livingroom playing Legos while I cleaned and prepped berries for the freezer. It's so entertaining to eavesdrop on his imaginative play. 26 pounds of prepped berries later, the two of us wandered out to the back yard to sit in the shade and while I worked on an embroidery piece, he lay on a sheet in the grass playing with toy farm animals. It wasn't long before he lost interest in having his sheep attack the cows and his chickens beat up the pigs (he's like that) so he rolled himself up in the sheet, which set off a fit of giggling. He's like that.

After untangling himself from the sheet, he flipped it into the air to try to lay it flat again, but instead it blew over the top of him. Then, well, I don't know, but it seems his boyishness just overcame him because he was soon running, and jumping, and twisting and tumbling in the sheet and you would have thought it was the best toy in the world with all his grins and giggles and laughter.
He had a fabulous time in that silly old white sheet. It captured him, he captured it, it was a rug, he was a ghost, it was a flying carpet, he was a mummy. He thinks I should keep this silly old white sheet handy for the next time he's over. He really does think it's the "best thing ever!" He's like that.

And I love that about him.

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