To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spur of the moment


5 p.m. - B and I are at a birthday party for the delightful Miss M. It's winding down. One moment B and I are discussing where we want to go for a sunrise paddle tomorrow and the next we're planting hurried kisses as we bid goodbye to our loved ones. We have a plan and not surprisingly, none of my family thinks it odd.

7 p.m. - Upon leaving the party, we quickly hit B's house to get his boat, the storage unit to get sleeping bags and minimal gear, my house to get my boat and now we're on the road heading North

9 p.m. - We've just pulled into a campground and are marveling at the number of stars in the sky. We'll sleep in the woods tonight, get up early and slip into the water for the sunrise. I tell you it was a brilliant idea.

Peaceful...calm...beautiful. This is why we paddle.

Here it comes...

Reflections are stunning on this river/pond. It's the backwater between 2 dams and we've paddled here several times.

See? Beautiful. Those ripples on the water are from B's canoe having just passed by.

We paddle upriver, slowly, enjoying the morning and the quiet. We spy swans on the other side of an island. B goes to the right to get pictures and I swing around to the left to drive them toward B. But wait! What's this? Incredible! I have the honor of witnessing an adult Bald Eagle teaching a Mudhead (immature eagle) to fish. I forget about B because I'm too busy watching this training and snapping pictures. Seriously, how many people actually get to witness this?

I did eventually turn back to the swans. Five of them and they do as expected when caught between the two of us. B has wonderful pictures of them taking flight, but I was watching and grinning. Goodness, they are regal. Two Mute Swans and three Trumpeters, most likely on their way South for the winter. B noticed one of the Trumpeters was tagged so after reporting where it was sighted, we discovered the swan had been tagged in 1999. That's pretty cool.

Sometimes the reflections are just darned funny. Looks like crazy hair and mega-teeth.

See this? This, is snow, and I'm telling you it's the coolest thing ever! Yes, I love snow and I was thrilled to find it in the woods. That means it's only a short while before we get a good snowfall around here. Bring it!

So, anything exciting happen to you lately?


  1. SOOOO beautiful. I wish I knew where this was so my son and I could experience. Take care.


  2. Rhonda - do you paddle? We're always looking for more people to go paddling with. It's the Tippy Dam Pond...down stream of Red Bridge.

  3. No, but I've ALWAYS wanted to learn, but don't know where to get started...any tips (ps, my son in 9 will be 10 in January...too YOUNG?)

  4. Wow, what a great little adventure.
    I can feel the peacefulness....
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  5. I wish. These are gorgeous. I can imagine...soaking in a bit of your peace.

  6. Rhonda - Powers was a great place to try out kayaks, but I hear they've closed the doors up there. You can still try them in Montague. Otherwise, I believe Bill and Paul's has demo days where you can try the boats. No, your son is definitely not too young.

  7. PS. I'm having a giveaway and a big announcement on my blog that I think you will like: