To Alex -

To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A 'packpack'.

The ever delightful Miss M is having a birthday soon and you know a Grandma gift is in order. It has to be the handmade, heartfelt type since I rebel against gifts of toys. The idea came together as a compilation of repurposed items and a bookmarked idea on Astrid's blog. And because I think it's way cool Miss M says packpack instead of backpack. hehehe....I'm just giddy with love for this!

The owl applique comes from a shirt she outgrew, but it was too cute to let go of. I know, I wrecked the shirt, but now she/we can enjoy her owl for many years. The fabric for the outside and the lining are both thrifted and repurposed and they go so well with the cute little applique. The color on the top photo is a little off due to the early morning lighting in spite of the fact that I used all of my lighting knowledge to get the best shot I could. It's tough, man. The next photo of the back is more accurate for colors.

Perks: an outside pocket, a drawstring closure and a magnetic clasp not to mention the cute factor.  Overall, I would say this was fairly easy, but not for a beginning sewer, mainly because it's an interpretation of a Japanese pattern and that always requires one to use their own knowledge of 'what's next'. Still, I thought the directions were pretty straightforward. However, you must remember that the pattern sizes are in cm and NOT in inches or you'll end up with a couple really big pieces. Trust me on that one.


  1. She will so love this! And the owl looks like it was made for that spot - what a great way to keep favorite items close by for years!

  2. It's great.
    I love the owl - what I great way to save it. although it must have been painful to cut the scissors into the shirt ;)...

  3. She will love it, of course! Compliments to the amazing seamstress :)

    However, when you make her another bag in the future.. this one may disappear. Just don't go looking at my house!

  4. Oh, this is sooo sweet - and I love the owl! The one I made has been of great use, and the design is just perfect for a little girls 'packpack'. :) It'll be a huge success, without a doubt!

  5. Super super cute! I am so impressed!
    Happy birthday M!