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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pushing boundaries

Alright, the team is finally together, we've got all our gear in base camp and we're off for another day of exploration and discovery. We're going back to town because our curiosity is peaked about the falls we saw yesterday. They warrant further exploration.

This view right here? That's from the railroad trestle right next to our camp and if you were to walk into the woods on the right, you would be in our camp. Nice spot to stay for a few days, yes?

I'm so lucky to have experienced this place. My gosh, it's wonderful...
So, yes, down the tracks we went until we got to the falls...we took a few more pictures, jumped over the rail to get a better look...and then we climbed up them. There was no sign saying we couldn't and we found plenty of hand and foot holds so up we went. Crazy and kind of exhilarating, and although we were careful, I suspect our confidence levels may have been elevated from our wicked hike and the ascent up the canyon cliff the other day. I think we all felt a little invincible. I certainly did. (Might have to look into the psychology of that before I get myself into trouble.)

Then it was into town for lunch on the train. No goofing around with the tourists today, we were hungry and craving things like icy cold soda and salty chips. Mmmm...

On the way back to camp most of the team turned off to do some ropes climbing to a lake on top of the cliffs. I continued back to camp for some quiet time and a delicious bath in the river. It was heavenly. I love the feeling you get when you're in ice cold water and you stand up into warm air. It's like there's a little layer of chill right next to my skin, but I can still feel the warmth of the air. Awesome. The sun was warm and I was able to lounge on the boulders while the air dried me and my hair. This was such a good idea.
After a while the others showed up back at camp, filled with stories of further adventures. I wasn't envious, in fact, I think the other ladies were a bit envious of my bath. Pure heaven, I tell you. We puttered around camp, putting gear away, settling in, then I noticed Robin and Amy had their arms full of harnesses and ropes and they were walking towards the river. Oh no you don't, not without me you don't! I was hot on their heels up to the trestle where the ropes were set up and the whole team took turns rappelling over the side, over and over gain. I love rappelling, love it so much I begged to go over upside down. Flippin' awesome! What in the world has come over me??

I have no idea, but I feel like a floodgate has been opened and I want to explore everything. I'm so curious. I feel good, like life is this amazing and wonderful adventure that's just waiting for me and who am I to tell it no? 

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