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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I first experienced Lake Superior with my mother while my sons were still young. In fact, I think F.Y.S. was barely two the first time I went. It was love at first sight and that feeling has never changed. Always, always, when we went to the U.P. we picked rocks and after a while we came up with nicknames for the rocks that weren't what we were looking for. One name was in, leave 'er right there. We still use that one alot and now the grandkids have learned to recognize a Leaverite when they see it. Just because I have sons who read this blog, I wanted to post some of the rocks I found. Many of them are Leaverites, but several are agates that were left for someone else to find. Ha, I did not find any 'love' stones on this trip.
No kidding, this is how previous visitors have set up the fire rings. It's the coolest thing to sit near the fire in a comfy, albeit, very hard, recliner. Thank you, to whomever has done this.
 Um, this one came home with me.
 This little guy came home with me too. He has a face and he asked me to bring him home. He did!
Hmmm, this one came home too because it looks like Taiwan Son wrote on it and left it for me to find. I would like a translation of what he wrote though. Yes? I did not find any with sanscrit written on them.
 Leaverite, but I'm not sure why I left this one behind.
 Oh, definitely a Leaverite. You can't tell, but this one is verrrrry large.
 This is the lava flow I was talking about. That's what it is, right?
 This too?
The foot is for comparison. I did not rearrange those rocks. The storm waves toss them up there and they roll into place.
So, you know you're a dedicated rock picker when you purposely put rocks in your backpack to carry around for 30 miles.



  1. I love when Nature leaves us little messages to find.
    Lovely post.

  2. Ha, I had completely forgotten about leaverites. - A

  3. The "lava" looks more like sandstone or possibly shale. Lava wouldn't have all those other rocks embedded in it, unless that was a trick of the camera.

  4. Despite being a mineral snob of sorts I thoroughly enjoy this blog posting... thanks for sharing... I have posted this on