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To Alex...who is far away in person, but never far from my heart. I miss you. Enjoy these snippets of everyday family life here in the states.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lake Superior Redo

I'm sure I must have mentioned once or twice that I think of Grand Marais as my home away from home. Well, my 8 days on Lake Superior a week ago were clearly not enough since I turned right around and went back up there this past Friday to go paddling not 30 miles east of Grand Marais. Never mind that it's a 7 hour drive from where I live. It was my first time paddling a U.P. river and so worth the travel time. Right, and that cold rainy summer we've been having? Not so much in the U.P. The temperature was in the 70's every day. Perfect for paddling in the cold tea-colored waters of the Two Hearted River.
Mind you, there was only a tinge of color last week, but judging by the vibrant colors on the leaves and berries and the peculiar seed pods I found, it appears that Lady Autumn is wasting no time in leaving her mark.
Saturday evening my friends and I watched a beautiful sunset in the west from atop the dunes only to turn around and find a nearly full moon rising in the east. Come on! How perfect is that?
This giant rock was our put-in on Saturday for paddling the lower portion of the river and our take-out on Sunday when we explored the upper portions. That would be Brent executing a fine maneuver around the rock.
Oh, and lest I forget, 11 portages of which several included treks up and over and through the woods made for four tired, but smiling paddlers.
I am a conqueror of the Two Hearted! And if you ask me if I want to go again this weekend, my answer would be a resounding YES!
I simply can not get enough of this.


  1. ahhh I feel at peace just reading and looking through your photos : ) The sunset is incredible!

  2. lookin fall-y around there! i'm looking forward to the leaves changing colors here too. thanks for the comments lately :) i've been busy but i read them while i'm walking in hallways and always appreciate a quick word from you.

  3. i am only mildly envious now! ;)